for syzygies of string modules over special biserial algebras

Version v0.6.5
Released 2021-02-24

This project is maintained by Joe Allen

|                                                        | Copyright (C) 2021 |
|                   SBStrips  (v0.6.5)                   |          Joe Allen |
|                                                        |       [he/him/his] |

This is the README file for SBStrips, which is a package for GAP 4.11.

+--+ About +------------------------------------------------------------------+
The SBStrips package models 'strings', namely the decorated graphs used in
representation theory. These graphs are known to describe a type of module for
a special biserial algebra called a string module. The syzygy of a string
module is a direct sum of string modules; hence syzygy-taking is essentially a
one-to-many operation on strings. The SBStrips package implements 'strings' as
a data structure called 'strips', and performs this syzygy calculation.

The SBStrips package is designed for version >=4.11.x of GAP, requiring version
>=1.30.x of QPA and version >=1.6.x of GAPDoc. (QPA and GAPDoc are other
packages for GAP.)

The SBStrips package is being written by me, Joe Allen, during my doctoral
studies at the University of Bristol. In my thesis, I am developing a
combinatorial model of special biserial algebras and their string modules.
This package is the implementation in GAP of (aspects of) that model.

+--+ Installation +-----------------------------------------------------------+
The SBStrips can be installed by following these steps (assuming you already
have GAP installed.)

    1. Download the archive file 
    2. Unpack it into your  pkg  directory. It should create a subdirectory
       called  sbstrips.
    3. Run GAP as normal and type
            LoadPackage( "sbstrips" );
       at the GAP prompt (ie, when you see "gap>" in your terminal).
+--+ Contents +---------------------------------------------------------------+
This version of SBStrips includes the following files

        Technical file

        Details of the GNU General Public Licence v2.0, under which this code
        is released
        Meta-information about this package
        Code to (re)generate the documentation
        This file!
        Package initialisation
        Package initialisation
        The version number
+--+ Contact +----------------------------------------------------------------+
If you use SBStrips at all then please let me know! You can reach me at:

    joe.allen [at] bristol [dot] ac [dot] uk
(My pronouns are he/him/his; please just call me Joe and not anything super
formal like "Mr Allen".) I'd be very interested to hear of any applications
you may find.

I'd also like to hear if you encounter any bugs/issues, or have any
recommendations/suggestions. You can email me directly at the above address or
you can log your thoughts on the GitHub issues page at: